Hello, this will not be my first attempt at starting a blog but a new year has entered and begun with many new and exciting things on the horizon and I wanted to write about them as well as share ideas and adventures. I still have my journals at home to put my more intimate and private things down in and I do recommend you have one for yourself for be same reasoning.

And so, I enter this blog world a year and a half into married life and just over 25 weeks pregnant. We are currently living in a two bedroom duplex apartment in our native state of Texas.

I ended my nanny job in November of last year and have been a stay-at-home wife and mom-to-be since then. I have yet to really start “nesting” though I’ve been told it’s time is nearing.

My husband works as a pipe-stress engineer as well as working with all the computer problems they encounter at work. I am so incredibly proud of him, I couldn’t do his job for sure.

We are reformed theology christians and are constantly learning more about God and his sovereignty in the world and in our lives. I will most likely have a post up at some point to try and explain our beliefs.

We had a fish for a few weeks until I accidentally and unintentionally dropped him into the sink disposal. Our apartment landlord doesn’t allow for cats and dogs so we are stuck without a pet for the time being…and we haven’t been up to having another fish fiasco just yet.

So those are just a few things to get to know who you’re reading from and now I’ll sign off since Hubby and I are planning on getting some yummy lunch soon with chocolate cake! I’m pretty excited.

Looking forward to some chocolate,



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