Chuck’s Sandwich Shop, that’s where we went the other day for lunch. Stephen had heard about this place from fellow co-workers as well as we had heard about it from some friends.

We got their cheeseburger and fries, a patty melt on rye bread, and a slice of their delicious looking chocolate cake.

Their chocolate cake was delicious and we brought home the rest as we weren’t able to finish it. We tried it first, of course.  The actual cake had a homemade taste to it which was great, however the icing wasn’t spectacular and for both of us we thought it could have been better. 

Their Patty Melt was good, it was a little greasy and I really would have preferred more onions on it but overall it had good flavor and was yummy. Stephen said it was good for what it was but on the whole it wasn’t too remarkable and will try something different next time.

Now, on to the cheeseburger which was so good! The cheese and hamburger flavors went so well together, sometimes I lose the cheese flavor on the burger and can’t taste it but the cheese they used was very full of flavor and stayed with you on every bite. 

The fries I will never get again. I forgot to ask but they seemed to be the frozen kind you just fry up, I would definitely have preferred just about any other fry over these. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant was laid back and pleasant, there ended up being quite the crowd as we were finishing up but it still didn’t seem overly packed and still felt warm and inviting. 

All in all we will definitely be going back to try more of their menu. It was a fun date and we enjoyed spending the time together. Even the pouring down ice cold rain run we had to make to get to our car afterwards! 
Oh and Baby moved a lot in the afternoon after I had eaten this too…hopefully he/she liked it! 


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